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Getting maximum productivity out of a mushroom farm by using our air and soil monitoring solutions.

Telecom Tower Management System

Monitor in real time your telecom site for power, security, and environmental issues that might affect the communication equipment located within the site.

Energy Management System

Track and control the energy consumption of your facility online by using our energy meter.

Water Management Automation

Measure the water consumption, control the flow and monitor the water levels remotely using our water meters and flow meters.


Modern technology allows you to track and monitor the exact location of your vehicle. By using our internet-based tracking system, you can fully access, control and view your vehicle from anywhere with our devices.

LPG Gas Metering System

Monitoring the gas pressure at various outlets.Automating and Controlling of the valves to avoid leakages.

Water Quality Monitoring System

Technology of analyzing water constituents in water that can nevertheless be affected by human sources, such as pH Level, Chlorine Level and EC/TDS Level.

Smart Agri Monitoring System

A system that designed for monitoring crop field with the help of sensors that can help farmers to monitor climatic conditions.

Server Room Monitoring System

A temperature sensor can effectively measure the system and processor temperatures and allows the processor and system bus frequencies to be throttled back when the temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.

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