Making your mushroom plants talk to you

Most mushroom farms grow their mushrooms indoors – humidity, temperature and CO2 in all areas of the farm must be precisely controlled to produce optimal growth. Manually monitoring the environment can be very time consuming and most heating, A/C and humidity control systems have very imprecise automated control.

Getting maximum productivity out of a mushroom farm requires day-by-day changes to optimal humidity, temperatures and CO2 depending on the growth stage – this requires an automated solution (or a cost-ineffective amount of manual labour).

In Techuva mushroom monitoring solution, humidity, temperature and CO2 is tracked in real time via sensors placed into the mushroom growing system at key intervals. Factors of growth are controlled based on data from sensors to follow an optimal “growth curve” for the mushrooms at their distinct stages of development.

Business Pain Points

  Manual monitoring is not continuous.

  Elevated risk of loss in productivity because of human error.

  Manpower involved in the cultivation monitoring process.

Our Solution

Techuva’s remote mushroom monitoring solution is designed to equip the farmers with passive monitoring of their mushroom farm for the entire cultivation lifecycle of mushrooms including all the 7 stages which directly impact the yield and quality of production.



Alarm Management



Site Access Management






High Temperature



Prevention Maintenance



Humidity Level



Business Intelegence

Measured Parameters

Parameters measured at the Mushroom farm:

  Temperature in the different rooms and inside the mushroom bag

   Carbon dioxide in different rooms

   Humidity in different rooms.

Our Key Proposition

   Energy Savings up to 10 - 12%

   Use of Technologies

   Remote Operations

   Increase productivity while minimizing cost

   Monitor energy consumption and reduce Carbon emission

   Monitor sites on real time basis and identify problems proactively

   Reduce frequency and length of outages due to power issues



Energy Management


Enables remote monitoring of energy consumption and avoid field trips for data Collections


Alarm Management


Trouble ticketing with flexible escalation workflow




Alert field staff by SMS, escalations by emails


Site Equipment Status


Battery health status, Fuel level at DG sets etc.


Access Management


Management of Tower Access


Preventive Analysis Maintenance


Preventive Analysis Maintenance


Enterprise ERP


Enables seamless information flow within enterprises


High End Analytics


Analysing equipment performance, monitor operations efficiency

Our Services with a Difference


Home grown Energy Meters and Gateways

Cloud Services

Nonintrusive Implementation

Training to O & M teams

Smart monitoring and control

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