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In accordance with the current business statistics across the realm due to demanding conditions and to enhance access flexibility, Techuva extended GPSNavi service to the mobile application with an easy installation process. The measurement of distance and time, and identifying location are the core features of our GPSNavi.

The mobile version demonstrates most of our web application features enabling the user to quickly view, add, modify the details of any vehicle, driver, check location and the status of transportation without affecting the performance in any aspect. This application will come in hand for not only large fleet management but also small scale firms whose business requires frequent travelling.



   Transport summary



   Vehicle details



   Shows the current location



   Deallocating driver



   Allocating driver to the vehicle



   Allocating device to the vehicle



   Reallocating device



   Deallocating device



   Driver allocation history



   Device allocation history



   Reallocating driver



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