Strategic partner for rapid IP Development


With the advent of Software as Service (SaaS) and cloud services, the traditional business model of software product developers is upended, and Independent Software Vendors are increasingly confronting a challenging business landscape. Independent Software Vendors and any enterprise that builds and owns IP, have to shoulder the responsibility of not only building and deploying, but also operating and supporting their products and solutions in the customer’s environment.

This fast changing business and technology landscape is forcing Independent Software Vendors and enterprises that have a need to build and own IP, to equip themselves with the capability to rapidly build, deploy, and support software products and solutions. They also recognize that, in order to have an edge over their competition, they need to be Agile and Innovative, and it is imperative for them to have mature partnerships with their service providers

At Techuva, we recognize that developing innovative products and solutions calls for a product-centric mind set, as well as a different and higher level of engagement compared to a conventional IT outsourcing project. We are a niche player in this sector, which calls for very distinct and mature capabilities than that of a traditional IT service provider.

With a core product development DNA, we are ideally positioned as:

  • A strategic partner and enabler for rapid IP development
  • A natural fit for Independent Software Vendors that need dedicated teams and long-term commitment
  • An ideal partner for any enterprise that needs to build and maintain IP for business, operations, and strategic needs

Our unique framework offers Independent Software Vendors and enterprises customized, scalable, high-end engagement models that facilitate a collaborative and innovative approach towards product development. Our core team of professionals with extensive product development expertise enriches the engagement with cutting-edge technology capability, ability to think innovatively and out of box, and insights to guide your product roadmap.

Our agility and process excellence guarantees reduced time-to-market for your products/services and delivers enhanced business value.

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    Sravan Reddy , CEO

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    Niroop Raacha , COO