With Techuva, experience a multi-faceted solution covering all aspects of tower site management comprehensively. Be assured of operational excellence, heightened security and a bird's eye view.

Telecom Central Offices and Towers are key to ensuring the success of Telecom Operators quality of service and efficient management of these is an important determinant of the Telecom Company's success.

Currently there are 8M towers worldwide. Efficient management of these towers has a direct impact on the reliability and significantly contributes towards reducing costs, attracting new tenants and increasing revenues. Since these central offices and towers are spread over multiple geographies and in many in remote areas, efficient management is a challenge. Leveraging remote monitoring technology through IOT is going to be a game changer in this field.

Business Pain Points

  Manual intensive calculation of monthly energy consumption

  Revenue loss due to power


  Evaluating breakdowns

  Fuel losses

Our Solution

Techuva’s Remote Monitoring Solution (TeRMS) is built to equip communication service providers and with passive monitoring of a telecom site for power, security, and environmental issues that might affect the service providing communication equipment located within the site.

TeRMS delivers business value through

   Increased Uptimes

   Reduced Opex Spends

   Real Time Alerts



Alarm Management



Site Access Management



Multi Tenant Management Control



High Temperature



Prevention Maintenance



Fuel Management



Business Intelligence

Measured Paramaters

   AC Voltages – All Phases

   DG Voltage

   Site Battery Charge

   Temperatures at rack/room

   Door Open


   DG On Status

   DC Energy consumption

   DG Battery levels

   DG Fuel level

   Mains Supply

   Battery on Load

   Low battery

Our Key Proposition

   Energy Savings up to 10 - 12%

   Remote Operations

   Increase productivity while minimizing cost

   Monitor energy consumption and reduce Carbon emission

   Monitor sites on real time basis and identify problems proactively

   Reduce frequency and length of outages due to power issues



Energy Management


Enables remote monitoring of energy consumption and avoid field trips for data Collections


Alarm Management


Trouble ticketing with flexible escalation workflow




Alert field staff by SMS, escalations by emails


Site Equipment Status


Battery health status, Fuel level at DG sets etc.


Access Management


Management of Tower Access


Preventive Analysis Maintenance


Preventive Analysis Maintenance


Enterprise ERP


Enables seamless information flow within enterprises


High End Analytics


Analysing equipment performance, monitor operations efficiency

Techuva TeRMS-Services with a Difference


Home grown Energy Meters and Gateways

Cloud Services

Nonintrusive Implementation

Training to O & M teams

Smart monitoring and control

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