IoT Water Quality Monitoring in action

Water Quality Monitoring System

Techuva designed this IoT based smart Water Quality Monitoring System to make sure that the drinking water supplied by the government or private organizations is safe to consume by the humans. This Smart Water Quality Monitoring System will check the water quality by using three parameters.

Sensing elements

pH Level

Chlorine Level

EC/TDS Level

Ammonia-Nitrogen Sensor

Dissolved oxygen Sensor

Nitrite Sensor

One pH level Sensor, Chlorine Level Sensor, EC/TDS Sensor, Ammonia-Nitrogen Sensor, Dissolved oxygen Sensor and one Nitrite Sensor are integrated with Techuva Communication Device. These sensors will continuously monitor and capture the data from the water flow and will send it to the communication device.

The Communication device will process the data and will send it to the server on regular intervals. This data can be accessed by the consumers using their smart phones, PCs and Tabs also. The system will send alert and notifications to consumers if there is a variation in pH level or Chlorine Level or EC/TDS Level from the threshold level.

Key Features

Capturing, Processing and the displaying of the data is a real time and live data.

The values/Levels that system showing will be 100% accurate.

The information that system captured is safe and secured.

This is a smart and IoT based system hence no manual work required once the installation is done.

This is a customizable system and adding a sensor or removing a sensor will be easy.

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