Remote monitoring solutions for server rooms

Why Temperature Sensor Need?

As today’s electronic systems run faster and as silicon content increases, these applications are generating more heat than ever, making the need to monitor temperature increasingly important. A temperature sensor can effectively measure the system and processor temperatures and allows the processor and system bus frequencies to be throttled back when the temperature exceeds a preset limit.

Proposed Solutions

Techuva Solution Pvt. Ltd proposes an IoT solution which will measure the ambient temperature and will transmit the data to a mobile /web application using which real-time monitoring of the server room temperature can be done.

Cloud Hardware

We propose to host the mobile/web application and the IoT Device software on AWS cloud server

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Sensor data Feed




Server Room




Unique Features of the Solution

Completely customized solution.

Sensors with high sensitivity to give you the most accurate output.

Continuous remote monitoring via the web application.


Preventing downtime by alerting when servers and network equipment at risk of overheating.

Fine tuning your AC to reduce power consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

Server Room planning and scaling.

Extending the Life of your Equipment.



Temperature Sensor (probe)

Mobile App

Mobile App Screens

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