Mobile Application Development

Whether it is developing a standalone mobile app, or helping you design,
develop, and implement a comprehensive mobile strategy for your enterprise,
we are the ideal partner to help you make the transition.

Mobile App Maintenance & Support

It requires an extensive years of experience, skill set and vision for maintaining a mobile app. Thankfully, Techuva is best at this as it carries the ability to serve its clients with their requirements as per the mobile app maintenance agreement.

Our Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services Offering

Complete Mobile App Lifecycle Management Services

Our approach towards Android/iOS app maintenance services is holistic. Hence, our standard of maintaining an app remains constant. Moreover, our experts are well acquainted with the latest technologies. Whether it's improving the UX and UI of an app or extending its operational life, we are capable of improving and maintaining an app, be it any platform, category and scope.

App Monitoring

  Server monitoring

  Correct errors

  Analytics monitoring

  App feedback monitoring

  Security reviews

  OS and device update reviews

  Operational level support

  Third party integration update reviews

  Usability review

  Performance monitoring

  App store management & monitoring

  Renewal monitoring

  Hosting & third party payment monitoring

  Source code repository & versioning

  Knowledge management

App Upgrades

  Refactoring deprecated code (If required)

  Correct errors

  Improve the application interfaces

  Upgrade to support upcoming OS and devices

  Perfecting existing acceptable functions

  Operational level support

  Major upgrades and additions

  Support new library versions

  Data model migrations between updates

New Features And Mobile App Maintenance and Enhancement Services

  Feature extension

  Migration script and backend server modification

  Release plan and management

  Performance enhancement

  Minor, incremental and major enhancements

  Usability enhancement

  Security enhancement

  Continuous testing

  App porting

App Support

  Responding to customer queries

  Deploying the apps to app stores/enterprise stores

  Providing enterprise training programs

  Integrating to complex corporate systems

Mobile Application Maintenance & Support Services Model

The mobile application support model deals from fixing bugs to making applications scalable. Our Android/iOS app maintenance services support model enables better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity and result in higher app ROI.

Annual Maintenance Contract

This includes technical support, bug fixing and corrective maintenance, minor and major version upgrades, etc.

Part Time/Full Time Person

Dedicated support staff for all maintenance work including app monitoring, app upgrades and enhancements.

Scope Based Maintenance

In this model, clients define the scope of work they have planned, and Techuva will deliver as per the mobile app maintenance agreement upon scope based on fix or hourly cost.

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