Gain ISV Capabilities

You are an enterprise with a need to build and maintain IP for business, operations, and strategic needs. You may have an existing setup for maintaining your IT assets and infrastructure. You may be lacking the requisite expertise or bandwidth in terms of technology competency, development capacity/capability, process knowhow, and a product development mindset which are absolutely critical for any enterprise that wishes to build IP.

Whether it is migrating an existing solution or service to a SaaS platform, enabling your enterprise to navigate the Digital Transformation path, or help you in building a mobile App, Techuva is an ideal strategic partner with mature capabilities. All of your needs can be fulfilled through an ISV like setup consisting of experienced UX architects, product architects, and engineers in a dedicated team, specifically working on your idea.

Ideation, UX Design and Prototyping

You are either a start up or have an existing setup where it is difficult to get a stakeholder buy-in for your new idea. You need support to demonstrate the viability of your idea and make a business case. Sometimes you may not have access to the right talent to help you develop idea into a viable product. Through our COE, we can incubate your early pre-product idea, develop a prototype, and further assist you in building a viable and tested product/service with a clear road map. All of this can be achieved through a dedicated team comprising of experienced product architects, UX designers, and engineers, who will be specifically assigned to work on your idea. Depending upon the scale of the prototype/pilot project, the team can be scaled up to accommodate a scrum master and project manager to ensure disciplined execution. Upon successful completion of the prototype/pilot project/proof of concept, you will be in a position to obtain a buy-in for full scale development into a product/service. If you choose to have the same team which has helped you develop your prototype work on further developing it into a full scale solution, we will be delighted to help you make the transition into one of our customized engagement models that will suit your business needs.

Product Life Cycle Services

Anyone involved in developing IP are aware of the pitfalls and challenges involved through the various phases of a product/solution life cycle, which call for different types of skills and competencies. With our decades of product development and solution delivery expertise, we understand very well that successful product development is a continuous process, and not a one-off engagement. We have unique insights that can help you navigate the myriad challenges that you may encounter at various phases of the product life cycle, and we are well equipped to assist you at all stages. Whatever might be your need, we can assist you through our unique customized engagement models.

Specialised Testing

Through an extended team, we can help you undertake testing of your product/service at various stages of its development life cycle by adopting a rigorous verification-validation approach. We can share your product road map for testing, and perform white box testing to facilitate test-driven development, and ensure that you meet your customer requirements in terms of quality and performance.

Unique Advantages

Our strategic partnership offers enterprises the following advantages:

  • Provides a tailor made ISV like setup
  • Overcome limitations of in-house IT teams which may lack product dev focus or bandwidth
  • Benefit from our product ideation, UX design, and prototyping services
  • Access to complete life cycle product development services
  • Access to specialized testing services
  • Benefit from our advisory services spanning a range of technologies
  • Provides an ideal environment for validation of ideas prior to committing organizational resources
  • Flexible model that facilitates you to migrate from T&M to a dedicated team gradually