5As is Techuva’s rigorous, time-tested, and methodical approach developed in-house, to get the customers team up and running. The key phases of 5As strategy are:

5As Define the game plan

  • In this phase, we work with the customer to understand their requirements in terms of development capacity, and arrive at a common understanding on the resources (team size, roles, composition, skills and IT infrastructure) needed for the development of the product. At the conclusion of this phase, the operations and shared services teams of Techuva are in sync and aligned with the customer’s requirements.

  • This is the phase in which we help the customer acquire the technology talent needed to build their team, and assist in facilitating the domain/knowledge transfer about their product/solution to the new team.

  • In this phase, we ensure that the tools and processes adopted by the new team are in sync with the customers home team (or their specific requirement) to facilitate a seamless development effort.

  • In this phase, any operational challenges and or technology/process/startup related issues are identified, addressed, and resolved.

  • This is the phase in which we accelerate, i.e. continuously improve in terms of quality, gain efficiency, and start producing well as a team delivering as per the customers’ requirements and timelines.

Over the years, the operations and shared services teams of Techuva have developed a well-honed, fine-tuned, and mature process of understanding the customers’ requirements, acquiring and on boarding a new team, ensuring that they are aligned with the customer’s requirements, and start functioning as high performance teams oriented towards realizing the customer’s business goals in the fastest possible timeframe. The Assimilate and Adjust phases, which are the heart of our 5As strategy, are achieved through JUMPSTART, a Techuva proprietary process framework.